Tuesday, February 05, 2013

minimal graffiti - theoretical update

In this project, I have opted to use or create slogans which represent a certain form of extremism; although I am not binding myself to this. As a person, I am usually very skeptical of extremists but as a theoretical person (I hesitate to say as a thinker or, worse, as an intellectual!) I relish the impact extremists have on the majority.

In general I think of the extremes as a very necessary evil to prevent the masses from falling into complete apathy. Extremes provide inspirations and generate debates; they are what enables the majority of us to be thoughtful without being extremists! Their passions highlight our own inconsistencies and continuously encourage us to reevaluate our own actions and commitments however disapproving we are of their actions and commitments.

On a personal level, I find that feminism remains one of the most potent and grounded critical stance and I will always find it easy to use it as a result. The LGBT voice is represented as a direct consequence of that (and the fact that I am particularly fond of those graffiti documented by Jill Posener in Louder than Words). Marxism, pacifism and environmentalism will also feature prominently. In general, the line is likely to be seen as leftist and liberal but it is unlikely that a single coherent message will emerge as a result of so many agendas being represented.

Finally, this project rests on the assumption that what is once read can never be unread and is a tribute to the original graffiti:

If your back is up against a wall, turn around and write on it.